Getting Started

The NPL Superfund Footprint Mapper allows you to explore the map and find information useful to you.

How it works

The NPL Superfund Footprint Mapper homepage has four main parts:

  • Along the top, a set of links to Layer Guide, Help and other websites
  • A menu of tasks, plus the Toolbar for interacting with the map. Tasks enable you to interact with the data. Available tasks include:
  • Map
  • Console, on the left side of the page, provides information about the map contents and also displays results when added to the Console.

Working with the Console

You can resize the area used by the Console by clicking and dragging the divider between the Console and the Map. This allows more room to view either area as you work.

You can expand and collapse sections as needed. Click on the title of a console section to expand it:

Click again on the title of a console section to collapse it to its title bar:

The content of the section is hidden but not deleted. Expand the section to see the content again.