Administrative Core - Directing the Columbia University SRP: Health Effects and Geochemistry of Arsenic and Manganese

Director Joe Graziano (L) with SRP scientist Kazi Matin Ahmed (C) and Associate Director Lex van Geen (R)
Supervising, coordinating, and guiding the CU SRP research projects and cores, thus ensuring that our Center maximizes its impact on improving public health

The Administrative Core functions as the chief administrative unit of this Superfund Basic Research Program (SRP).  In this capacity, the Administrative Core is responsible for overall supervision, coordination, guidance and financial accountability.  In providing leadership and facilitating interactions among Research Projects, Research Cores, Research Translation (RTC) and Community Engagement Cores (CEC), and facilitating the dissemination of information across these units, the Administrative Core helps to ensure that the impact of the overall SRP is greater than the sum of its parts.  In coordinating the reviews of our SRP activities by the External Advisory Board, the Administrative Core ensures that all research conducted as part of this SRP is of high quality, timely, focused, relevant and highly integrated.  In coordinating SRP activities including monthly seminars, typically consisting of a public health and a geoscience presentation, as well as occasional retreats and symposia, the Administrative Core fosters the “team spirit” that has been a hallmark of the program.

Project/Core Scientists

Administrative Assistant
Administrative Coordinator

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