Columbia University Superfund Research Program Graduate and Post-doctoral Students

Megan Hall, Dr. Gamble’s former post-doctoral research fellow (currently an Assistant Professor) worked on statistical analyses and manuscript preparations for Dr. Gamble's SRP Project. Her work has been selected for oral presentation at the 2014 SRP/NIEHS Arsenic Workshop entitled, “Health effects and mitigation of arsenic: current research efforts and future directions”. Dr. Hall has also been invited to speak at the 2014 FASEB Summer Research Conference on Folate and One Carbon Metabolism in August 2014. Dr. Hall is in the R00 phase of a K99/R00 award from NIEHS to study nutritional influences, particularly of choline and betaine, on arsenic methylation. Finally, Megan Hall was an invited speaker at the 2013 Annual SRP Meeting in Baton Rouge, LA. The title of her talk was, “Urinary creatinine: implications of its use as a urine dilution adjustment factor in epidemiologic studies of Metal Exposure.”

Kristin Harper, Dr. Gamble’s post-doctoral research fellow is working on analyses of differentially methylated CpGs by arsenic exposure using Illumina’s new 450K array and this data is currently being validated by NextGen sequencing. Dr. Harper presented her work at Columbia’s P30 Center’s Epigenetics Working Group on November 22, 2013.

Caitlin Howe is a PhD student in Dr. Gamble’s laboratory. She has been working on analyses related to our SRP Project in which we are analyzing associations between arsenic exposure and histone modifications as well as on s-adenosylhomocysteine and s-adenosylmethionine and both histone and arsenic methylation (manuscript in revision). Caitlin successfully passed her qualifying exams in December 2013. (more…)

Yongfeng Jia is a PhD candidate at China University of Geosciences supported by the China Scholarship Council to carry out SRP-related at LDEO from September 2013 through December 2014.

Fiona Kinniburgh graduated from Columbia College with a bachelor’s in Sustainable Development in June 2013 and carried her honors thesis research at LDEO.

Peter Knappett, PhD is a hydrogeologist and became a post-doctoral investigator at LDEO in 2012. Starting in August 2013, he joined the faculty of Texas A&M University as an assistant professor and continues to collaborate with Columbia SRP PIs.

Ivan Mihajlov, a PhD candidate in Earth & Environmental Sciences co-advised by Drs. van Geen and Bostick, successfully defended his PhD in November 2013.

Md. Rajib Mozumder, a geology graduate from the University of Dhaka, entered the PhD program in Earth & Environmental Sciences in September 2012 and continues to be advised by the Dr. van Geen.

Khue Nguyen, postgraduate student, Environmental Sciences, Barnard College, Role: molecular methods for radiocarbon analysis of DNA for Project 4 supervised by Dr. Bostick.

Megan Niedzwiecki, Dr. Gamble’s PhD student, successfully defended her thesis in December 2013. The title of her thesis was, “Mechanisms of Arsenic Toxicity in Humans: Interplay of Arsenic, Glutathione, and DNA Methylation in Bangladeshi Adults.”  She worked on laboratory and data analyses for the folate and oxidative stress (FOX) study from Aim 3 of Project 4 of Dr. Gamble’s previous SRP Project. She studied the effects of redox status on methylation of arsenic and DNA which was one focus of her thesis. Her work was selected for a poster presentation at the 2013 SRP Meeting in Baton Rouge, LA. She has recently accepted a post-doctoral position at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine where she will be working with Dr. Robert Wright.

Brandilyn Peters, Dr. Gamble’s PhD student is also working on analyses of differentially methylated CpGs by arsenic exposure and was, along with Kristin (above), instrumental in generating preliminary data for our new SRP Project 3. She also analyzed all of the homocysteine data for aim 2. Brandi is also working on a project related to the potential renal toxicity of arsenic exposure in Bangladesh (manuscript in preparation). Brandi presented her work as a poster at the 2013 Annual SRP Meeting in Baton Rouge, LA entitled, "Arsenic metabolism and renal function in an arsenic-exposed population in Bangladesh." She also presented a poster at the Pacific Basin Consortium for Environment and Health in Hawaii in September 2013.

Meridel Phillips is Master’s student in the Department Earth and Environmental Engineering conducting SRP research at LDEO.

Tiffany Sanchez is a third year PhD student in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences who is working with Dr. Graziano on Project #2. Specifically, she is analyzing data regarding the relationship between arsenic exposure a pulmonary function in adolescents in Bangladesh, and is examining the hypothesis that arsenic exposure is associated with lung inflammation, as measured by the pH of exhaled breath condensate and the concentration of 8-isoprostane in the condensate.

Molly Scannell Bryan, a PhD student in Habibul Ahsan’s lab at the University of Chicago. She has worked with the genetic and medication data generated by the HEALS study in work that is currently being published and was presented at the 2013 SER meeting.

Jing Sun, a fourth year PhD student in Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences who is working on Project 4 and 5 under the direction of Drs. Bostick and Chillrud, won the best student poster award (Title of Poster: Arsenic In-Situ Immobilization by Magnetite Formation within Contaminated Aquifer Sediments) within the Environmental Sciences division of the Annual SRP Meeting in New Orleans in October 2013. She also gave a platform presentation at the 23nd V.M. Goldschmidt 2013 conference entitled “Formation of Magnetite within Aquifer Sediments and Its Effects on Arsenic Mobility.”

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