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September 2017

Arsenic Awareness Workshop in Hunterdon County, New Jersey

Nick Procopio (NJDEP)














On September 14th, Raritan Headwaters, Columbia SRP, and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) co-hosted a workshop in Flemington, New Jersey for local leaders in Hunterdon County titled “Informing Residents of the Health Effects of Arsenic in Drinking Water and the Need to Test and Treat Private Wells.” Columbia SRP director Joe Graziano and Columbia SRP scientists Steve Chillrud and Stuart Braman participated in the workshop, which featured presentations by Dr. Graziano on the health effects of arsenic exposure and by Columbia SRP's collaborators Steve Spayd (NJDEP) on water treatment for arsenic and Nick Procopio (NJDEP) on what the NJ Private Well Testing Act data show about the widespread occurrence of arsenic in wells in the Raritan Headwaters watershed. The workshop was part of the Watershed Tools for Local Leaders Seminar Series. An arsenic awareness online toolkit was provided to all participants, featuring the Columbia SRP NJ Arsenic Awareness website ( and its videos, FAQs and health effects information, along with NJDEP arsenic publications and Dartmouth's Arsenic and You website.

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April 2017

Northeast SRP Researchers Meet in Boston on April 4 & 5

Dartmouth SRP PhD Candidate Kevin Hsu (left) & CU SRP Postdoctoral Research Scientist Tiffany Sanchez (right). Photo credit: A. Navas-Acien

Columbia SRP researchers participated in the 2017 Northeast Superfund Research Program (NE SRP) Meeting held April 4th and 5th in Boston, Massachusetts. This year the annual NE SRP Meeting was hosted by the PROTECT SRP Center at Northeastern University and co-sponsored by the NE SRP Centers at Boston University, Brown University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, and the University of Pennsylvania. Scientific and technical sessions addressed regionally important topics, including reducing exposure to arsenic in drinking water, SRP-community interactions, the use of big data in environmental science research, and perspectives on the health risks of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances. Columbia SRP director Joseph Graziano and Columbia SRP scientist Ana Navas-Acien co-chaired the session on Reducing Water-Borne Arsenic Exposure in the Northeast. Nick Procopio, a Columbia SRP government partner at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), gave a talk titled "New Jersey’s Private Well Testing Act: A geographic summary of a decade of data." Dr. Graziano presented "Columbia University SRP’s ongoing research translation activities to raise awareness and reduce arsenic exposure in pregnant women in Hunterdon County, NJ." During the session on How to Leverage Big Data for Environmental Science Research, Dr. Navas-Acien gave a talk titled "Consortia of epidemiologic studies for environmental health: An urgent need." SRP scientists and trainees had the opportunity to share their research during a poster session. Columbia SRP postdoctoral research scientist Tiffany Sanchez presented a poster co-authored with Martha Powers, Matthew Perzanowksi, Joseph Graziano, and Ana Navas-Acien titled "A meta-analysis of arsenic exposure and lung function: Is there evidence of restrictive lung disease?" Columbia SRP PhD student Anne Nigra presented two posters: 1) co-authored with Keeve Nachman, David Love, Maria Grau Perez, and Ana Navas-Acien titled "Poultry consumption and arsenic exposure in the U.S. population" and 2) co-authored with Tiffany Sanchez, David Harvey, Joseph Graziano, and Ana Navas-Acien titled "Decline in arsenic exposure in the United States from 2003-2014: The impact of the Environmental Protection Agency maximum contaminant level and the need to protect private well users." Columbia SRP scientist Mary Gamble presented a poster co-authored with Caitlin Howe, postdoctoral research scholar at the University of Southern California, titled "Sex-specific associations between arsenic exposure and DNA methylation and mRNA expression in Bangladeshi adults with arsenicosis."

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