Water Resources in Rockland - Planning in a Changing World

Global Water Use

drying pondKnowing how much water we use is the first step towards planning for future water supply.

Although less than 1 gallon/day of water is needed for drinking, more water is needed for sanitation and household use. Globally per capita domestic water usage in the 1990s covered a large range:

  • 16 gallons/day in China
  • 21 gallons/day in India
  • 48 gallons/day in Germany
  • 73 gallons/day in Mexico
  • 154 gallons/day in the United States

(OECD, World Resources Institute, from Loucks).

Essential indoor water use in the US averages 70 gallons per capita daily with the remaining going to outdoor uses, largely landscape irrigation. Usage within the US varies widely depending upon the amount of outside usage, adoption of indoor water conserving fixtures, metering, and system losses.



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